How To Decorate For The Holidays

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A great article from Ski-Hi News on holiday decorating by Erica Kalkofen of EK Kitchens & Design in Winter Park, CO and Special to the Sky-Hi News.

“AH! The rush of the Holidays is upon us. Don’t you just love the feeling of Christmas overwhelm – the presents to buy, the food to prepare, the family to get ready for? Have you also considered the decorations? Yes, outdoor decorations to set your home in the best possible holiday cheer? Before you run out to the store to grab some basic lights and stand on a ladder on ice with a staple gun in the dark, let’s consider some outdoor decorating tips from Matt Bailey at Alpine Landscaping, based in Fraser, CO.

First: Quality

Yes, you can get lights at the store for a reasonable amount and for many, this is the easiest and most cost effective route to take. However, the store bought lights usually won’t last for more than one season and are often difficult to install. “The lights we provide are commercial grade lights and will last for quite a few seasons,” Bailey said. “They also are installed on solid aluminum rods for easy installation, removal and storage.”

Click here to see all Matt’s tips and read the full Sky-Hi News article on “How to decorate for the holidays.”

Photo Credit: Tim Carter, Carter Photographics

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