What are your office hours?

Our office hours are by appointment only, if you wish to come in for a meeting. We do work evenings and weekends as most of our clients are coming from out of town to discuss and review their project. Please allow at least two weeks notice for any appointment, so that we can be prepared and present.

Will my project be featured in your marketing or competitions?

It could! We ask all our clients to sign a marketing and photography release form, so your project could very well be featured on our website, in printed materials, and on social media. We do also ask for a project name that identifies your project, instead of your name. We value our clients privacy and think a project name is a great way to protect our clients. If a competition release needs to be signed by you, then we will let you know and by what date it needs to be signed.

What is the best form of contact?

Typically email (erica@ekkitchensanddesign.com) is the best way to contact us, as we are often in the field, selecting product, or meeting with clients. However, if it is urgent, then send us a text or call (970-531-6860).

I am a super DIY, why do I need you?

We love DIY-ers! So a lot of our DIY clients really only need concepts, ideas, or space planning and they can take the rest of the project and run with it. We have a concept package that is specifically created for you, where we will meet at your home, measure the room (typically this is a one room project), put it into our drafting software, and create a floor plan and elevations for you. If you want to have access to our expertise throughout your project, we can easily charge our hourly rate or you can purchase increments of five hours at a time.

I am so NOT DIY, why choose your firm?

Oh, the reasons are endless! For starters, we eliminate the overwhelm. We also reduce the number of selections per category to make decision making manageable. We can handle all the material selections, ordering, coordinating with the contractor, project management, owner’s representation, and problem solving during the actual project. In essence, we make it easy for you to tackle a remodel from wherever in the world you live. Through email, FaceTime, text, and screen sharing, we can provide a professional, expert, and reliable remodel process and results. Still not sure? Schedule a Get Acquainted session and let us share how we can help.

What do you do or not do? Why? Who do you refer out to?

EK Kitchens and Design specializes in space planning, design engineering, working with the contractor, pulling all the hard finishes (cabinets, counters, tile, flooring, lighting, plumbing, carpet, appliances, paint, overall design plan) together, and sometimes even project managing. This gets you to the point where you can move back into the space with your furniture, accessories, and personal belongings. We do not handle furniture, window treatments, table lamps, accessories, or art. If you need services we don’t handle then we would be happy to refer you to another source for that item.

Why do you do what you do?

I believe that every single person should have a great space to live, whether it is one room, a studio apartment, a 2 bedroom house, or even a 6 bedroom house. That great space should be where you can rejuvenate, relax, and feel completely comfortable in, no matter what you tastes are. This fabulous environment makes you feel good, so that you can go out and do the great work you were called to do. Think quick about your home and internally, what happens to your energy? Does it dip, waver, not feel centered, or go up? That intrinsic emotion tells you that something may or may not need to be addressed in your home. Feeling good about your home so that your energy is elevated is our end goal. And, remember, that balance does not take a fortune to make happen. However, if you want to spend a fortune, that’s ok too.

How long have you been doing what you are doing?

I have been in the kitchen and bath design world for 19 years now, with most of that doing full service custom residential remodel design, including cabinets, counters, appliances, tile, lighting, flooring, carpet, plumbing, paint and overall design. I am always learning new design concepts, product knowledge, and color theory. Technology in product design, as well as communication, makes discovery fun and adventuresome, with clear and concise communication.

Where are you located?

The Design Studio is located at 79050 US Hwy 40, Suite 202, Winter Park, CO 80482. That is at the corner of Vasquez and Highway 40 in Winter Park. If coming from the south, turn left at Vasquez (there is a light there), turn left into the first parking lot and park. When facing the back of the building, go in the middle doors, turn right. Go down the hall to the stairs. Go up. Turn right – we straight ahead, Suite 202.

Remember, hours are by appointment for client visits, so please call ahead so we don’t miss you. Our design studio is just that: a design studio. We do not have standard cabinet vignettes with different displays. Instead, we work with you one on one to discover what your style, tastes, and overall budget are, then pull samples out and starting ‘playing’ to create a palette that is uniquely yours, forever.

What areas do you work?

We serve all of Grand County and the I-70 corridor from Golden to Breckenridge. We also complete projects in Denver, Parker, Lyons, Platteville, Fort Collins, and Golden by referral or for repeat clients. So, when you love the work we do at your mountain home, we would be happy to come help you with your primary residence. Keep in mind that our initial consultation (Remodel It! or Color It!) is a bit more for clients over the pass.

Who pays for painting supplies?

If you choose a Color It! Consultation, then you will receive a paint palette of up to five colors, plus a paint map of which color goes where. At this point, you can choose to paint your home yourself, or you can hire out the painting. Either way, you are responsible for paying for all paint and supplies to complete the project. We can make some recommendations on painters, but usually do not hire out just the painting portion for projects.

When is the best time to start the design process?

Well, today, of course! In all seriousness, anticipate about 4-6 months of design and planning prior to the actual start of the project. Some of our more complex remodels take up to a year to plan, so the best thing to do is schedule a Get Acquainted session so we can discuss your project, your time frame and how much time to allocate to design and planning vs the actual doing.

How do we start the design process?

We start all of our projects with a Remodel It! Consultation. This 90 minute in-home, in-person design consultation comes complete with a Priority Checklist, a budget and schedule discussion, design ideas, sketches (if needed), an idea for the scope of work, and how we might best proceed. From there, if we decide we are a good fit, then we will create a scope of work and a design contract that will outline exactly what work we are to do or not do. Our Remodel It! Consultations are fun, enlightening, and solution oriented.

Where and when do I sign up?

Check out our website to sign up for a Remodel It! Consultation or a Color It! Consultation HERE

Is there a warranty? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

We back up all of our manufacturer’s warranties, including cabinets, flooring, lighting, tile, plumbing, appliances, and carpet. Keep in mind that granite orders only carry a one year labor warranty, no warranty on materials. We are happy to review any and all warranties prior to order.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, of course we do! Here’s how it works: Because we have our remodel process broken into three distinct steps (Remodel Consultation, Design and Planning, Product Ordering), you will be aware of the direction and product selection throughout the entire process. You will also have agree in writing to have the products ordered and installed. Therefore, if we get to the final installation and there is a question of whether is liked, then we will do our best to suggest, research or recommend a different product. However, when a product is installed, it is virtually impossible to return to the vendor, so we can attempt to sell on your behalf, or you can choose to keep said product. This can be a gray area, so if there are still questions, let’s discuss in person!

Do I get to tear down walls and bash out my cabinets like my favorite HGTV show?

While there are many great things about HGTV, there are also some challenges we all face. If participation is something you feel strongly about and have the proper tools, knowledge, and ability, then we are happy to involve you in the project! Let’s discuss and figure out how we can work together.

How often are we in contact throughout the process?

For the design and planning, quite a bit as we review products and make selections. Once the product is ordered, most of the communication will come from the contractor regarding installation schedules, etc. We will notify you when product is ordered and delivered to the job site, or if there is an issue regarding the ordering or receiving of a product.

What is your fee structure?

Our fee structure mirrors our remodel process, in a simple, three step phase. First, we have the Remodel Consultation fee for this unique in-home service. Then, we charge by the hour to measure, design, plan, select and prepare budgets & scope of work. We can also handle the project management, depending on size & scale of the project for an hourly rate.

What is your hourly fee?

Hourly rate varies by scope of work, project length & involvement. We discuss all of the payment options with our clients to determine the best option for all parties. The design contract & design fee paperwork will reflect agreed upon terms.

What tools, reports, photos, progress items do I have available to me during this process?

We are happy to schedule a FaceTime meeting so you can see what is happening at the project site and review any details. We are also happy to meet you in person on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to review the progress for your project. Keep in mind that we focus on the design, planning, and materials ordering, not on the construction scheduling, so questions regarding schedule should be directed to the contractor.

Do you offer any referral credit or benefit?

Yes! If you refer a client to us and it turns into a viable project, then you get a $50 voucher to use toward any future design service or product order.

Do you do new builds?

Short answer: Maybe. Long answer: if you are a referral client from a current client, a repeat client, or if you are a friend of the owner, then we would like to have a conversation with you about the project. We do not accept new build projects as a walk-in service.

Do you do remodels?

Absolutely! We love to do remodels and love the amazing transformations we can create for your house. We have our systems and selection processes set up to specifically handle remodels, small, medium, and large scale projects. Give us a call to get started today and find out about our unique, in-home service.

What precaustions do you take if my house is older and may contain asbestos or lead or mold?

All remodels require state testing of all materials to be removed. The contractor will work with a local testing agency to send in samples of materials we are removing to make sure they are lead and asbestos free. If the house was built prior to 1978, chances are that some portion of the materials will have one or the either. If a test comes back positive, then the contractor will work with the local remediation company to take care of any lead or asbestos. In addition, if the contractor discovers mold in any part of the house when completing the demo, that person will contact a local company for testing and remediating the mold. Because of the health concerns for each of these items, we take them very seriously. Unfortunately, they are also typically an unforeseen expense, but one that has to be taken to complete the remodel.

What safety measures or precaustions should I take?

First, you as the client, are responsible for clearing out the room(s) we are remodeling, including any surrounding space. This means for a kitchen remodel, we want the kitchen to be devoid of all kitchen items, as well as any pictures on the walls, etc. Additionally, if there is a room that we need to walk through to get to the kitchen, then that room should be have everything put away and covered to prevent any potential damage. A lot of our clients put down carpet protector to prevent any damage. We can definitely review what needs to be removed or covered prior to beginning the remodel. Caution: if the room is not prepared for the remodel to be done when we start, it could cause delays in schedule and possibly contract cancellation.

What about pets, children, and the elderly at a job site? What precautions should I take?

Pets at a job site are strongly discouraged, because there will be sharp items around, loud noises, and stuff they can get into. We do ask that if pets are at home during the remodel, they are crated, or segregated to a separate room. We would hate for Fluffy and Fido to accidentally get outside! Children are welcome, but please keep them in sight at all times and out of the contractors and workers work space. We want them to have a great experience, too! If you have an elderly person at the house, let’s discuss the circumstances and what we all need to be aware of to make their day enjoyable.

How long will this take?

While a typical remodel could take six to eight weeks, we have had several projects that took as much as a year and a half. A lot of the timing is determined by the scope of work we are completing for you. More work, more intricate work will take longer. A simpler project may take a shorter time frame. All construction schedules are determined by the contractor, so let’s review together to make it successful.

What should I do to prepare for this project?

First, if you are living at the house during the remodel, we want you to be as comfortable as possible, but keep in mind that it will be a construction zone. There will be dust, debris, loud noises, and rough surfaces. We would want to make sure you have a place to get ready in the morning, to sleep, to relax, and especially a place to do dishes and make coffee. Second, if you are not living in the house during the remodel (which is our preference) then removing anything that needs to be saved and all personal items in that room. For instance, in a laundry room remodel, we would want all cabinets and drawers emptied, the floor cleared, and closets cleaned out. We can review your specific preparation prior to the remodel beginning.

Who takes care of the legal stuff? (Permits, inspections, code items)

The contractor takes care of all construction related documents, including state materials testing, permits, building inspections, and making sure all subs and workers are doing work up to code.

How hands on do I need to be throughout the process?

Very little. Once we get going and have all the decisions made for the materials, the contractor and our firm work together to make sure materials arrive on time and design dilemmas are handled and the project continues to move along consistently. You are welcome to check the progress every so often, just send a note, a text, or call to let us know you are coming.

How much will this project really cost?

We really strive to have all the materials selected and priced out during the design and planning phase, so you have a fixed estimate to review. Additionally, the contractor will be able to give a fixed price (barring any unexpected circumstances) based on the design and the materials to be installed. There will be additional items to purchase, like cabinet hardware, furniture, accessories, and closet organizers. There even could be moving costs, depending on situation, and / or storage fees for old furniture or materials. Typically, we suggest having a contingency plan for about 20% of the project set aside for additional expenses.