you: the “on-the-go” parent, professional, & go-to player on the team

When you’re the king or queen of your own empire (and I know you are), you don’t always have time to squabble over all the details of your Winter Park kitchen remodel. Because, seriously, who does? While reading this, you’re probably already speeding to your next PTO meeting with an overflowing cup of coffee, full calendar, itinerary into next year, and family engagements galore to juggle – with a smile on your face, of course!

Do you really have time to fumble over tile, find matching floors and finishes, and coordinate everything in perfect harmony? Unless you have a clone (and KUDOS if you do), a Winter Park remodeling designer is the aspirin to your budget friendly design headache! Have a tight budget because of your child’s class ski trip next weekend (not to mention his – or her – Championship Playoffs coming your way in a month)? No worries! You can trust ek•kitchens&design (Yes, that’s us!) to deliver top quality aesthetics in a range of modern, up-to-date styles and themes, energizing your kitchen (or your whole castle) while you live it up at exciting t-ball games and all night sleepovers!

me: the seasoned (yet still young and hip) design guru

Great news – I have the skills to help you love your home again, minus the stress! With over 15 years of complete design experience, I can dream up the ideal refurbishment and budget friendly design for your space. Need a true Colorado bathroom remodel? My meticulous insight on the latest trends in design, functionality, and eco-conscious choices will make your new space the envy of all!

Let’s keep the process simple, shall we? While infusing your kitchen with the key ingredients you dream of nightly, I will turn your home’s center into the sparkling, fresh, masterpiece you deserve. Wanna feel like you’re debuting on the Food Network set every time you enter (despite your five-year-old’s cute but sticky, oh-so-sticky fingers)? I can do that! Want your Winter Park kitchen remodel to transform your kitchen into a mystical forest hideaway? You got it! As your personal Winter Park remodeling designer, there’s nothing we can’t do together!

you + us: the ultimate super power house hero

Whether you’re seeking a basic facelift or a full overhaul, ek•kitchens&design will deliver the fresh, timely innovative Winter Park kitchen remodel of your dreams. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty – and won’t disappear on you when things get messy! We know you want someone you can trust with your remodel, from selection to budget to completion to final clean, and our award winning design team is ready to transform your space from super-drab to super-fab!

Have an idea or inspiration? We’ll do the rest! You can handle the big things in life, knowing you’ve chosen “The Remodel Super Hero” when it comes to your Colorado home remodel. We  know many people (Yes, all you Houzz participants out there!) need our Wonder Woman skills, which is why we take our work seriously – but still manage to add a splash (or two) of fun! Your inspiration is the spinach to our Popeye muscles, so we do our best work, every time, guaranteed – because our clients deserve only the best!

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