Ready to start thinking about your Winter Park remodel project?

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You are ready to start thinking about your Winter Park remodel project and want to get an idea for how much it will cost? While material costs vary widely (think crystal all the way to plastic), there are some ways to easily narrow down the options and the resulting budget. We usually use four categories to help clients determine how much to spend.

First are the existing conditions. Has the house been well taken care of, or are there major structural issues that need to be addressed? Are the cabinets falling apart or dated, or could they be salvaged? What about the floors, the ceilings, etc? If you are not sure, calling a professional will definitely be step one in figuring out the scope of work and the construction issues that may arise.

Second are personal wants. Do you desire all new appliances plus new cabinetry and flooring and lighting and plumbing? Do you desire a specific counter top material or are you flexible in your selections? There are often great product substitutions if you need to rein in the budget that still provide a designer, high-end look. Also, knowing this list will help in figuring out where to splurge.

Third is the neighborhood. While yes, we are happy to complete the scope of work you ask with the materials you ask, there are times when over or under-renovating can impact your future sale. For instance, if you choose to have a super modern interior in a neighborhood where rustic and transitional is more the norm, selling the house could be a challenge down the way. Not saying don’t do it, just be aware of home values and design styles of neighboring properties.

Fourth are your future plans for the house and your life. Are you planning on having this house as a long-term, family inheritance? Or, are you going to live in it for a couple of years and then sell or rent it out? The amount you choose to invest would be different depending on how long you have been and will continue to be in the house. It will also impact the material selections, depending on if the primary homeowner will be forever in the home or if it will be rented out.

Depending on where your decisions come from each of these questions, you will have a good idea on how much of an investment you choose to make in your next remodel. Remember, at the end of the day, everyone has a budget, whether that is $5,000, $50,000, or $500,000, so choose to invest what you feel comfortable with and will enjoy for many years to come.

Still  have questions about how to set up the budget, set up a Get Acquainted call or a Remodel It! Consultation and we can help you narrow down some choices for your investment. Chat soon!

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