2016 Color Palette: Trajectory. Review by Erica Kalkofen

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Hi there! Here is the final blog unveiling the Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color Palette: Trajectory. If you love deep, dark, edgy colors, this palette is for you in your next Colorado mountain remodel. Mysterious, wonderment and depth are all part of this grouping. I love the boldness of this palette – Quixotic Plum (a deep, rich purple) would pair so nicely with huge walls of the color of the year Alabaster. Or, consider using this color as the rich accent color for cushions, pillows, and rugs on a cream and espresso colored room.

The Aqua-Sphere and the Blackberry combined would be a soothing combination for a brightly lit room – think upstairs bedroom that gets lots of light or a conservatory. These also would be a great pairing with Alabaster, depending on how you prefer color to be placed and what emotion you want expressed in the room. For instance, using the Aqua-sphere (a lighter, cooler aquamarine color) used on most of the walls in a rbedoom paired with the Blackberry behind the headboard wall with an awesome piece of artwork would create a warm, rich feeling with dramatic overtones.

I would also love to see the Tempe Star (a bluish-toned, deep, rich green color) paired with dark wood floors, the Alabaster on the trim detail around doors and windows, and pewter accents. Furniture would also be the lighter neutral, giving the room and rich, cozy feeling with considerable depth of color. In this room, I would paint all the wall mouldings, the base mouldings, and any wainscot the deep green as well, so the color becomes the accent, not the wood work.

There are a ton of different combinations of how to use these colors and where to use them. Want to start on your own? Order some larger samples of the colors and hold them in different light against different walls. Still can’t figure out your new color scheme? Give us a call and we would be happy to find a palette that incorporates new color with your existing furniture and flooring. Fun, easy, and a whole new color palette you get to apply. Chat soon and we look forward to playing with color with you.
For more details on Trajectory, click here.
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