2016 Color of the Year Announced!

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Alabaster – just the thought of it brings riches to mind, sensual surrounding, relaxing settings. It also is the Sherwin Williams 2016 Color of the Year. I love this color for its sheer versatility – use it as a back ground color and highlight window moldings, picture railing, or base moldings. Furniture set in contrast with this color pops. Furniture along the same tones will blend, providing a soothing vista of color. Pictures will seem warmer when set on this color, instead of stark white. And, if you add any accent color (the choices are endless with Alabaster as your base color) it will blend well and provide just the right combination of color to make your brain say ‘aaahhhh.’

Not sure where to start with this color or how it would work in your home? Schedule a Color It! Consultation, where we find your perfect paint palette in short order. You get fabulous color, a paint map, suggestions on details, and an entertaining time. Let me know what you think of this 2016 Sherwin Williams color Alabaster. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Visit Sherwin Williams 2016 Color of the Year notebook by clicking here.

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