Challenges: The bath was fitted into a dormer area in the roof with a long wall that separated the shower area from the vanity area. A tall built in cabinet blocked any light from getting into the shower. Overall, the lighting was poor and the client really struggled with where to put everything.

Solutions: First, we demo the tall cabinet just to let in more light. We then reduced the length of the long wall by about 12” and removed a ginormous built in tub. That done, we were able to assess the space and came up with a custom tiled shower with storage and a bench, a medium height built in storage with baskets to corral products, a wrap around vanity with a copper apron front kitchen sink, and a free standing tub. The subtle details: facing part of the vanity to the master bedroom to serve as a stopping point for jewelry; the differing color on the cabinets; the amount of glass that enclosed the shower; the amazing views of the lake when one was sitting in the tub really created the oasis the owner was desiring. An amazing find on a kitchen apron front sink set the tone for the look and feel of the space and the owner was able to use it to bathe her small dogs also.

Result: Brilliance! The light bounced and teased the occupants to enjoy their surroundings. The chandeliers offered much more light and the amount of storage provided tons more room for products, towels, etc. It is no wonder that this bathroom won for Best Bath Remodel through the Colorado Home Builders Association remodel contest. An unfortunate end for this bath: when the owner sold the house, the new owner demolished the entire house, fixtures, furniture and everything just so he could have better views of the lake. Everyone who worked on the project was devastated, especially the homeowner who loved her dear Tuscan get away.


Lakeside Sanctuary

what we did

Overall Project: To transform a dark, cramped, awkward bath with no storage into a light filled, oasis big enough for adults and children and dogs with plenty of storage.

Finished Project: Flat out awesome..

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