it’s time to…color it!

need paint colors? perfect!

you’re in the right place

Tired of the same old color? Color It! is THE only way to flawlessly incorporate the perfect interior or exterior paint color into your home. We understand that as the “Super Parent” you are, you obviously don’t have the time to run back and forth to the paint store in search of the perfect budget friendly design color. Because really…who does?

So, be honest…have you found yourself staring at racks and racks of color and tearing apart magazines, only to end up with 27 test colors painted on your walls? And you still haven’t found “THE ONE!”

Well, the good news is…you’re not alone!

We can brush all of your “paint worries” away, find the paint color of your dreams, and make your Winter Park kitchen remodel the envy of the neighborhood!

what included?

Everything but the kitchen sink…of course!

Our Winter Park remodeling designer will work with you to determine your every color need and desire – assessing the space, discussing different color palettes, and creating a paint map specially designed just for you (which will showcase exactly where your colors will look best in your Colorado home remodel).

Have a busy schedule? No problem! We can work “our magic” in about an hour and a half – plenty of time to have dinner on the table and whiz through homework! And the only “homework” we ask of you is to be ready to answer two simple questions:

  • What do you not like about this room?
  • What do you hope to achieve with color?

Simple, right? And from there, your Winter Park Kitchen remodel will take on a new life all of its own!

who is color it! perfect for?

YOU! Paint got you stressed? Not sure where to put color, much less how to strategically interweave multiple colors in the same room? Do you like an image in a magazine, but not sure how to translate it to your walls? Still in search of a budget friendly design?

We truly are your paint selection Fairy Godmother. Our fun, imaginative, informative, and enlightening paint consultation will craft up the perfect palette for you…all before midnight! Whether it’s one room, one floor, or your entire home, we can whip up a paint solution that uniquely represents you!

helping do-it-yourselfers find the perfect color since 2005!

Want to paint on your own? Perfect! But the first step is to…COLOR IT!

Your Winter Park remodeling designer will help you find the perfect palette that reflects both your personality and your home’s sense of style. Our paint map will show you exactly where color will “pop” and how to use it in other areas.

Bet you NEVER thought you’d enjoy finding the perfect color palette for your home, did ya? But you will! And then, you’ll get to paint until your heart’s content in your very own Winter Park kitchen remodel!

And PLEASE take a “before and after” picture of the room, and share it on our Facebook page. We want to see the fruits of your labor – as our main goal is helping you fall in love with the color of your dreams- each stroke after that… is up to you!

ready to get started?

Let’s go! Set up a complimentary Get Acquainted session in our state-of-the-art design studio or over the phone today. Let’s chat and get an idea of your project’s magnitude, estimated cost, and anticipated timeline for when we can come make your Colorado Home Remodel pop with everlasting color and personality!

Let’s COLOR IT! Today!