Are you a DIY-er? Well, then…Let’s do this!

Love the feeling of creating your own masterpiece? Want to enjoy the entire process – from internet browsing to shopping for that budget friendly design to tracking down samples? And finally… do you want to bask in the “oh-so-amazing” delight of ordering all of the product yourself AND completing your masterpiece with your own two hands?

Then we have GREAT news!

Design It! was created just for YOU – with the sole purpose of providing expert design advice and creating plans for people who enjoy doing their own work on their fabulous Winter Park kitchen remodels.

Feeling a little unsure about the direction your design is headed? No problem? Simply “check-in” with one of our Winter Park remodeling designers throughout your project. From space planning to product knowledge to design expertise, let us be your “Remodel Superhero” and help you craft up a professional looking remodel…all on your own! (We’ll help – but we promise we won’t tell!)

…Because making your designing dreams come true is our joy!

what’s included?

Our expertise and nothing more…unless you want to upgrade to Remodel It!

We start by providing an hour-and-a-half consultation to assess the space of your Colorado home remodel, brainstorm what you want to accomplish, and take some basic room measurements. Our Design It! service is best utilized one room at a time.

How do you prepare? Simply think about your answers to these questions:

  • What is your vision for this room?
  • What are you comfortable doing for this remodel?
  • How do you think a professional designer can best help you accomplish your goals?

Then, we roll up our “thinking sleeves” (right alongside you), making your remodel 10x easier!

who is design it! perfect for?

A DIY-er just like…YOU!

Is your Winter Park kitchen remodel already stressing you out? Still unsure if everything you’ve selected goes together? Dealing with back orders, deliveries, product orders, demos, and installation can be tricky, but…

Design It! brings your Pinterest-induced visions right into your home!

We’ve got your remodel frustrations covered – trust us! And to crank up your creative juices, our Winter Park remodeling designers can start with a space plan and then be available for any design “blocks” you may encounter along the way. You can call for guidance anytime!

Just call us the Mary Poppins of remodels…because we literally bring our own bag of tricks to your project. We fully support you during the remodel, but you get the pure satisfaction of doing all the work yourself! Can’t envision how to fit all your ideas into one room? We’ll assist you in piecing together the perfect vision for your Winter Park remodel.

helping do-it-yourselfers find the perfect design since 2005.

Love Your Life. Love Your Home.

We work with passionate DIY-ers who love the challenge of hard work! And our love? Uniting you with the full potential of your dreams in your Colorado kitchen or bathroom remodel!

Not quite sure how to arrange the room? Need an extra set of eyes to determine if those light fixtures set the perfect mood for the house? Allow us to help with the big picture planning, and you do all the hands-on work!

In the end, we can help you conjure up your perfect spacing plan and hand it over to YOU for the remodeling to commence!

You bring the vision, and we guide you in decision-making and product selection throughout the project. Our Design It! team can pair you with the perfect materials for your home and help you understand the advantages of products that will best serve your remodeling vision!

ready to get started?

We are, too! Give us a call to schedule your complimentary Get Acquainted session. Whether in our design studio or over the phone, we can chat about the designer interaction Design It! was created for and discover all the possibilities your project holds. Allow us to assist you in planning the perfect spacing for your home.

Call today to consult with your Design It! designer…and get started on that DIY dream that’s meant for more than Pinterest!

Let’s DESIGN IT! Today!