Our Winter Park Valley Overlook condo was in a fairly dire need when we first got the call. It had flooded and the entire lower level was destroyed by the time the homeowners discovered the issue. All the carpeting, the drywall, the cabinets, the baseboards, doors, and furniture had to be hauled away, as they were completely and utterly soaked. The whole basement needed to then dry out completely, which took about two to three weeks with humidifiers and fans.

As you can imagine, the owners were not only devastated, but instead of cringing at the repair, they embraced the destruction as an opportunity to update and rebuild how they would want the condo, not the early 90s style it was stuck in.

With a clean slate for the master bathroom in the lower level and a desire for improved kitchen storage and aesthetic, we were asked to unify and modernize the condo while using materials that were more durable if a future water leak should happen.


We started with the bathroom, because that needed the most work. The old tub / shower was boxed in and tight feeling. We decided to move the showerhead from the ‘foot’ of the shower to the ‘head’ of the shower, which was challenging from a plumbing position. However, it allowed us open up the corner of the shower wall to provide the feeling of openness. Even though it was only about 10” we removed from the width of the wall, the result was a feeling of openness.

Our next solution was the vanity area. We needed more storage and didn’t want to just do one level counter. By using the taller cabinets on either side of the vanity, we were able to give the owners more storage as well as a varied counter, drawing the eye toward the middle. In the end, the mix of counter heights, closed cabinets to open cabinets, doors to drawers really gave the owners the much needed counter room, storage, and design interest.

In the kitchen, we started with removing all the cabinets, appliances, white tile backsplash, all flooring, and the basic tile on the fireplace surround. Once we had a clean slate, we found a great luxury vinyl plank and paired it with a dark slate gray cabinet, lighter counters, black appliances with stainless accents, and a stack stone on the fireplace that coordinates with the kitchen materials. Our natural stone backsplash with no grout lines emphasizes the natural stone on the fireplace and helps to soften the overall feel.

Because the upstairs bath also needed a facelift, we ended up painting the cabinet and changing out the counters and plumbing fixtures, so in the end, it, too, felt fresh and clean.


The result was a very unified condo – the luxury vinyl plank is durable for any and all water issues and used in both upper and lower level areas. The carpet on the stairs was a low grade, commercial carpet to withstand the use the stairs will get. Our cabinets throughout were darker to contrast with the flooring and full of storage solutions. The counters in the main level had more movement to act as a focal point. The counters in the lower level were more subdued to provide a feeling of sanctuary. The modern and stylish appliances and plumbing fixtures lend an air of updated luxury.

In the end, the kitchen ended up with more storage, more counter, more functionality, and with a way more wow! factor. The fireplace got its own facelift with the slate stack stone and the new tile hearth area. Using the master bathroom area is now a luxury and an oasis, even though the footprint for the room is exactly the same. The two other bathrooms also benefited from the upgrades and help to solidify the modernization of this previously water logged condo.

Products we used

Dark, slate gray cabinets instead of espresso colored cabinets in the kitchen for a more modern, brighter look. We painted the upstairs vanity dark brown and the lower baths were all the espresso colored cabinets because we were able to keep the rest of the bath materials light. Granite counters in the kitchen and upper bath and travertine in the lower baths help to provide a feeling of calm. The flooring was a luxury vinyl plank, perfect for kids, pets, water, snow, and ice. With the advances in technology with this product, the wider formats, the printing, the embossing all give this product a life-like wood appearance.

The appliances were black with the stainless accents, which is a new color entry to the appliance market. In this case, added just the silver accent as needed without overwhelming the kitchen in stainless. The black sink with stainless faucet mirrors the appliance colors seamlessly. Natural stone on the fireplace and the backsplash soften all the man-made edges and add a nifty textural element to the living room / kitchen / dining room space.

Hope you like it too! Let us know below.   

what we did

  • Remodel of bathroom
  • Created more storage space
  • Remodel of kitchen
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