Challenges: This drab condo had a massive 6” diameter water pipe break immediately above, water logging all the furniture, flooring, cabinets, and wall board. The owners wanted to transform it into something special not only for them, but also all their guests, and pay homage to the ranching history that was deeply embedded in their family. Two sets of families own this condo, so major decisions involved at least 4 people. The floor plan was a bit of a challenge as well – the whole condo was essentially shaped like a pie wedge.

Solutions: This was a fun project to play off all the history. In this case, the paint was a major player in providing the resting shades of sunset (light orange, rust, red, warmer neutral, and purple). We also took out a front closet that was intruding into the second bath to provide more vanity storage. Each bath was assigned a theme: the trough bath with a long rectangular sink and wood looking plank porcelain tile mimic’d a trough basin for ranchers and livestock alike. The cowboy bath had an open vanity and a copper hand tooled basin to mimic a work bench and leather tooling. The floor tile was a coppery mix leading into a shower of light yellow and copper tile. The fireplace received a new stone look and the kitchen floor tile had just enough shimmer to mimic sandstone. A long table with a ‘candle’ chandelier also lent its charm to the farm house appeal.

Result: Fantastic reviews! Once the condo got back on the rental market and the awesome reviews started pouring in, the condo ended up being rented considerably more than ever in the past. Guests raved, family raved, friends drooled. And it feels unique and comfy enough to put your feet up and remember it for many years to come.

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Overall Project: Salvage a water logged condo and create an environment that the owners and their guests (they rent on VRBO) would enjoy and remember forever.

Finished Project: Yahoo! Nailed it!

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