A built in tub in front of the window took up a lot of visual space and had a history of leaking into the dining room below. The shower was dark and small and the vanity was super short and no storage. A closet just off the bath had fixed built ins and no light and a wall blocking any and all light. The owner had a heavy drapery blocking the closet just so the mess inside was hidden.


We started by taking out the built in tub and the door that was separating the water closet from the bath. We also cut the wall down that was separating the closet from the bath, allowing more natural light into the closet. We also cut the shower wall down and opened up the shower on both sides of shower fixture. By using a linear floor drain, we were able to remove the curb and provide a seamless transition from bath to shower. The best solution was to increase the size of the window to maximum size and in essence create an infinity tub experience. The view through the window was into a nature preserve canyon, filled with a mountain back drop over Ponderosa pines. We tilted the tub just slightly to avoid being too traditional and by recessing a tall pantry and increasing the storage under the vanity area, there was plenty of room for towels and products. A newly organized closet provided space for everything and the owner was motivated to keep it tidy.


This master bath was what ultimately sold the house when the owner sold just a few years later. In the time it was enjoyed, the question would arise, “Have you seen my bath yet?” And then take everyone on a tour of the bath. Relaxing in the tub with the perception of the edge floating over the trees was an ultimate relaxation for the owner.

project name

Ponderosa Ridge

what we did

Overall Project:

  • Turn a dated, crammed, and non-spa like bath without any storage into a place that alone, would sell the house. And in the meantime, provide the owner with a treetop view of the canyon and a place to linger.

Finished Project: Unbelievable views!

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