The house was pretty chopped up with a load bearing wall directly in the middle of the path from kitchen to living room, making each room feel super small and preventing easy interaction in the whole space. A post was enclosed in a wall that divided the kitchen counter and reduced the working space. Finally, the cabinets did not offer enough storage and were falling apart.


We added a structural LVL beam in place of the wall and hid as much of it in the floor joists so that we could open up the living room to the kitchen. That alone made a huge difference. An odd bump out for storage was built on the foundation wall and while we couldn’t move it or add to it, we custom fitted cabinets in the upper portion and added panels along the bottom to make the whole thing look like a built in hutch. Finally, we removed the post and hid it in the wall and built custom cabinets up the ceiling where we could and between the windows to preserve the light. A tall pantry was recessed into the closet immediately adjacent to the kitchen, providing oodles more storage.


The realtor who sold the clients the house was invited back over after and she said it didn’t even look like the same house. She was amazed. Most importantly, the clients were super happy with the functionality and added storage we squeezed out of the existing footprint.

project name

Aspen Pinney

what we did

Overall project: Update a dated 70s kitchen, dining room and living room to add more storage, provide better layout and update the finishes.

Finished Project: Amazing!

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